Foster Care Youth Transition presentation 6/26 from 1-4 pm

The University of OklahomaAnne and Henry Zarrow School of Social Work700 Elm Avenue

J.J. Rhyne Community Room

Norman, OK 73019

3 Hour CEU for Social Workers

Registration: $30 or $10 for students

OVERVIEW Oklahoma needs new and innovative ways to serve transition age youth. Twenty-five percent of Oklahoma’s foster care youth become homeless if they “age out” of foster care. The current array of services and supports is not sufficient to prevent homelessness. Oklahoma’s foster care youth are poorly prepared to enter the workforce and earn a living wage. Few are qualifying for higher education after high school and only 1% graduate from college.The Department of Human Services Road to Independence Network Project was funded through a two year federal planning grant. The project seeks to eliminate homelessness in this population. The project team will present their findings on youth outcomes, risk profiles for youth as well gaps in Oklahoma’s current system. A panel will present ideas and perspectives on improving the transition outcomes in housing, employment, and education.
PANELISTS Connie Schlittler, LCSW, MPA, Director, Planning, Research and StatisticsBrandon Crawford, MA, Research Assistant, Road to Independence GrantAlisa West Cahill, LSW Admin, Research Assistant, Road to Independence GrantJacqueline McDaniel, MHR, Project Director, Road to Independence GrantSusan Kee, MSW, Programs Field Representative, Road to Independence Grant

Rachel Burrell, BSW, Programs Field Representative, Road to Independence Grant

Jennifer Boyer, MSW, Programs Manager, Independent Living Program

Ashely Harrell, MSW, Child Welfare Specialist IV, Child Welfare Services

Zohre Salehezadeh, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Planning, Research and Statistics

INFO Registration: Questions: Call Diane Freeman at (405) 325-2822 or email dkfreeman


Connie L. Schlittler, LCSW, MPA

Director, Office of Planning, Research and Statistics

Oklahoma Department of Human Services

PO Box 25352

Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0352



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