Interim Studies of Interest

The following Interim Studies may be of interest to our members:

Senate studies:
Interim Study S15-003
Subject:Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws
Requested By:Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City
Assigned To:Senate Judiciary
Description:Joint Study with Rep. Biggs to study the Civil Asset Forfeiture
laws and how they can be reformed to respect private property rights.

Interim Study S15-008
Subject:Economic Revitalization
Requested By:Sen. Kevin Matthews, D-Tulsa
Assigned To:Senate General Government
Description:Study best practices in implementing improvement districts and
economic revitalization of communities.

Interim Study S15-023
Subject: Finance in Urban Communities
Requested By: Sen. Kevin Matthews, D-Tulsa and Sen. Anastasia Pittman,
D-Oklahoma City
Assigned To: Senate Business & Commerce
Description: Banking mortgages and finance in the urban community, dealing
with how urban communities are red-lined

Interim Study S15-026
Subject: Ad Valorem Valuations
Requested By: Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow
Assigned To: Senate General Government
Description: Examining the evaluation of geographic boundaries for ad
valorem valuation of various jurisdictions within the U.S. and throughout
the State of OK across multi-county areas to compare for accuracy and

Interim Study S15-043
Subject: Homeless Veterans
Requested By:Sen. Anastasia Pittman, D-Oklahoma City
Assigned To: Senate Veterans
Description: Study on Homeless Veterans

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