HOME Coalition Action Alert: Did You Call Congress and Tell Them #CapsHurt Communities?

Call Congress and Tell Them #CapsHurt Communities

Tuesday and Wednesday, organizations from across the country will be calling their Senators and Representatives as part of the #CapsHurt Communities campaign’s National Call-In Days. The HOME Coalition encourages all organizations to participate in order to educate Congress on just how devastating low spending caps are to low-income children, families, people with disabilities, seniors, adn veterans in our communities.

If Congress doesn’t act to raise the spending caps, the impact on the Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 budget will be significant. A glaring example is the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME program. HOME has already been cut to record-low levels and now the Senate has proposed to cut it by 93 percent, essentially elminating this critical program altogether.

Call Congress TODAY and TOMORROW and Tell Them #CapsHurt Communities

September 15 and 16, 2015

9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M EST

To reach your Members of Congress, dial the Congressional Switchboard at 877-210-5351 and ask to speak with your legislator. Ideally, you can make three calls—one to each of your Senators and one to your Representative. When you reach the receptionist in your legislator’s office, explain how important affordable housing is to your community and leave this simple message:

"It’s time to pass a budget that works for our communities. Please work with your colleagues to raise the spending caps and fund affordable housing programs–like the HOME Investment Partnerships program–at the highest level."

Member of Congress need to know just how harmful these cuts are to low-income children, families, people with disabilities, seniors, and veterans. For additional resources, check out the HOME Coalition website and information on the #SaveHOME campaign.


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