HOME Coalition Action Alert: Share the National Letter Opposing Cuts to HOME!

Share the National Letter Opposing Cuts to HOME!

Now that Congressional leaders have begun to negotiate a possible budget deal to raise the low spending caps required by the Budget Control Act, it is critical that they hear from as many HOME supporters as possible. For that reason, the HOME Coalition has relaunched its national sign-on letter, urging Congress to lift the spending caps and restore HOME funding to at least $1.06 billion.

Sign the National HOME Letter TODAY!

We need your help to share the letter widely to as many local organizations, government officials, and advocates as possible before the Monday, November 9 deadline. To see which organizations have already signed on, check out the current list of 1,500 signers.

Here are some sample messages that you can share on Twitter and Facebook:

· Help #SaveHOME. Sign the national letter opposing Congress’s cuts to HOME funding: http://bit.ly/1Dfilul

· Join (name of your organization) and help us #SaveHOME by signing onto the national letter opposing cuts http://bit.ly/1Dfilul

· HOME helps low-income seniors, veterans, and families access affordable homes. Tell Congress to #SaveHOME. http://bit.ly/1Dfilul

· Help us #SaveHOME from being essentially eliminated. Sign our national letter opposing cuts to HOME funding. http://bit.ly/1Dfilul

Because of the tight spending caps, Congress proposed to severely cut—and even essentially eliminate—the HOME program this year. These cuts will only make it that much harder for low-income seniors, veterans, children, and people with disabilities to access a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home.

For additional resources, check out the HOME Coalition website and information on the #SaveHOME campaign.

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