Action Alert: #CapsHurt Communities Webinar: How Spending Caps Impact Your Community

#CapsHurt Communities Webinar: How Spending Caps Impact Your Community

Yesterday, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open through December 11, avoiding a government shutdown. The bill passed in the House 277 to 151 and was approved by the Senate 78 to 20. Now, the stage is set for Congress’s next challenge: raising the spending caps required by the Budget Control Act.

Enterprise and the #CapsHurt Communities campaign are hosting a webinar on October 19 to discuss the coalition’s fall campaign to raise the spending caps, how local communities may be impacted, and what you can do to engage your Members of Congress and your local media.

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#CapsHurt Communities Webinar

"Spending Caps, Budget Negotiations, and the Impact on Housing and Community Development In Your Community"

Monday, October 19, 2015

3:00 P.M. EST

Without a budget deal, communities across the nation will continue to be deprived of the affordable housing and community development investments they need to thrive. Non-defense discretionary spending—including everything from housing and education to public health and safety—will be cut to its lowest levels in 50 years, and HUD programs will see a significant shortfall.

As a result, programs that help low-income seniors, children, veterans, and families, access affordable housing will be significantly underfunded. Possible cuts to Housing Choice Vouchers and Tenant-Based Rental Assistance would put families and individuals at an increased risk of homelessness. Moreover, because of the spending caps, the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) program may be essentially eliminated under the Senate’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 proposed budget.

For more information on funding levels for all affordable housing and community development programs, see Enterprise’s updated budget chart. For additional resources, check out Enterprise’s blog post on how you can help #SaveHOME.

Thank you for your advocacy.


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