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COLLABORATION UPDATE & 2 Day Deadline extension, 11/8

After 30 days of Oklahomans coming to the table by supporting this idea that if all of us give a little, the greater good of Oklahoma will benefit a lot, we enter the last week of fundraising for the Food For All food truck. We are confident that the truck will begin an operation to aid hunger in March of 2016 to help impact our alarming ranking as one of the hungriest states in the nation.

When we set out to build this truck we knew it would take an entire community to do so. We also knew the program would be rooted in collaborative spirit and philanthropic sustainability. As we’ve listened and watched along the way, it seems most fitting that one dining group alone not be responsible for the day to day operation of this truck. As with any new idea, this project has evolved and a new framework was created to truly realize the notion of "community" food truck into the operation too. Food For All will now operate as a roving pop-up, kitchen-on-wheels through the volunteer efforts of rotating Guest Chefs at Oklahoma City street festivals. Several of your favorite, local chefs have already signed on and we’re eager to share more details after the funding goal is met.


  • 100% of the net profits from the food truck sales at your favorite street festivals will go directly to the Regional Food Bank.
  • This kitchen-on-wheels will offer an ever-changing menu inspired by the Guest Chef manning the truck that night.
  • ADDITIONALLY, through community-wide volunteer efforts the Food For All food truck will serve Oklahomans in need through monthly outreach events distributing complimentary meals.

It is with excitement and in this spirit of collaboration that we are happy to announce the new face and now truly community run Food For All food truck. The truck operation will be sustained by a variety of contributing guest chefs which allows full community participation, a greater scope of menu and maximum exposure for this fight against hunger.

Related to this we are extending the funding target to this Sunday, 11/8 foodforall

We will see you on the streets soon.


Made Possibly By.



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