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Act now to preserve Low Income Housing Tax Credits

The legislative debate on continuing the 9% and 4% tax credits is taking place this week and next in DC. Today is the perfect day to tell those committee members they need to support continuation of the low income housing tax credits. It only takes a moment to make a call or send an email. Your call today, along with those of others in the industry, will help preserve the credits and the low income housing process.

Texan Kevin Brady is the new chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. He and another Ways and Means member, Sam Johnson, have not committed to support the bill extending the low income housing tax credits. Please call their offices and respectfully ask for the Member’s support for HR 1142, the bill extending the low income housing tax credits. The Capitol switchboard will connect you to their offices if you call 202-224-3121.

Calls and emails do make a difference in how a Congressman votes. The issue is whether the low income housing tax credit program will continue. If you have a position on this issue, don’t you think these policymakers need to hear it?

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