Upcoming PFA Training Opportunities!


Psychological First Aid Training Coming Up in April & May!

We invite you to participate in a FREE one-day training to learn how to help your family, friends, clients and community immediately after a disaster strikes.

Continuing Education Available

Six CEUs for LPC, LMFT, LCSW workers have been approved for the April training and six CEUs for LPC, LMFT, LCSW & Psychology have been approved for the May training. This course is also open to the general public.

About Psychological First Aid:

Knowing how to support someone who has just survived a crisis is the key in any catastrophe. In disasters throughout Oklahoma, people often struggle as they cope with what they experienced. Many are surprised to learn that more people are mentally affected than the actual number of physically injured survivors. For first-responders, there is a similar struggle as they reach out to care for those who are suffering.

Psychological First Aid (PFA) was developed to teach first-responders, community members and other front-line volunteers how to promote an environment of safety, calm and connectedness, empowerment and hope. It is intended to minimize the distress behaviors that increase fear and anxiety. The primary objective of PFA is to give people a better understanding of common reactions to stressful events, as well as how to listen and provide practical assistance.

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