HOME Coalition Action Alert: Record-High Number in Congress Sign On In Support of HOME

Thanks to the work of HOME’s Congressional champions–Rep. Fudge (D-OH), Sen. Leahy (D-VT), and Sen. Coons (D-DE)–and thousands of HOME supporters across the nation, record-high numbers of Senators and Representatives signed onto the HOME Dear Colleague Letters in support of restoring HOME funding in FY 2017:

  • 117 Representatives–including both Democrats and Republicans–signed on. This is more than in any previous year and 10 more Representatives than last year.
  • 37 Senators sign on–an all-time record and 7 more Senators than last year.

Please call your members of Congress to thank them for their support of HOME and encourage them to continue this support as the FY 2017 appropriations process moves forward. Share this Action Alert on social media here.

Thank you for your advocacy!

For more information, check out the HOME Coalition website or visit Enterprise’s #HOMEworks campaign site.


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