Governor Fallin Declares April 13 Affordable Housing Day in Oklahoma

Governor Mary Fallin has declared Wednesday, April 13 as Affordable Housing Day in Oklahoma. Advocates from across the affordable housing industry will gather tomorrow afternoon at the State Capitol to commemorate the day and meet with lawmakers about the impact affordable housing has on the state.

Advocates will also attend a Legislative Reception at the Devon Boathouse, where Senator A.J. Griffin will receive the 2016 Affordable Housing Champion Award for her work in the legislature to preserve and expand affordable housing options throughout the state.

Affordable Housing Day at the Capitol is organized by the Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing. In her proclamation, Fallin recognized organizations like the Coalition for bringing together a variety of organizations, professionals, elected officials and others to work closely with communities to turn ideas into housing solutions.

Also noted in the governor’s proclamation is that Oklahoma is currently in need of more than 66,000 affordable housing units, both for rental and home ownership, and that solving the state’s housing shortage will require a broad-based approach by communities and stakeholders.

The newly-formed Coalition for Affordable Housing is focused on bringing industry experts and advocates together as part of a single housing movement and empowering people and organizations to inform policymakers that everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, affordable home.

The Coalition for Affordable Housing’s legislative efforts this year have been focused on protecting the state affordable housing tax credit. Other important concerns facing the affordable housing industry that will be discussed with lawmakers at the Capitol tomorrow include homelessness, financing limitations, regulatory burdens, property rights and the housing shortage.

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