Cantwell Seeks Personal Stories of Housing Needs to Help Promote Forthcoming Housing Credit Expansion

As part of her effort to raise awareness of the need for increased affordable housing resources, and in particular an expansion of Housing Credit authority, Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) is collecting personal stories of individuals and families who have struggled to find affordable housing and/or experienced homelessness. Senator Cantwell intends to use these stories to help promote legislation she soon will introduce to increase the Housing Credit cap by 50 percent and make other policy changes to strengthen the program. NCSHA has been working closely with Senator Cantwell’s office on the legislation.

To tell a story, go to Affordable Housing & Homelessness: Share Your Story and fill out the short form. The stories, which Cantwell will only share with the permission of the storyteller, may be used in reports, at congressional hearings, and on social media, or shared with her Senate colleagues to paint a picture of housing need across the nation.

NCSHA encourages HFAs to spread the word about this effort to their state partners.


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