Trump Administration Sends FY 2018 Budget Framework to Agencies

The White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) sent federal agencies February 27 a preliminary FY 2018 budget framework, identifying its top-line funding amounts for the agencies and asking them for feedback within a few days on how they will achieve these targets. OMB officials said the budget framework identifies a $54 billion increase in defense and security spending and suggests the Administration intends to fully offset this amount with nondefense program funding cuts.

The Administration is expected to then prepare a high-level budget blueprint for release on or about March 16. It expects to send Congress its detailed budget plan in early May.

OMB has not released the budget guidance publicly, and no information about HUD or other housing programs is available. The Administration said the guidance does not address tax policy, Social Security, or Medicare, but that the Administration’s future budget releases will address these areas, including a tax reform plan.

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