Job Opening: City of Tulsa Director of Affordable Housing

Summary: This position will be the city leader in housing policy, and will work in close coordination with the economic development and community development groups. Position is key member of the City leadership team to develop and integrate housing policies in all phases of development and investment in Tulsa. Under the direction of Chief of Economic Development. Responsible for developing and executing affordable housing strategies for a growing urban city; devising and recommending innovative solutions and incentives to increase safety and affordability of housing stock; developing strategic partnerships with city and state housing agencies and non-profit and for-profit developers considering new affordable housing development and preservation within Tulsa; coordinating the City’s use of federal housing program funds; and, serving as liaison to the Tulsa Housing Authority.

Education and/or Experience

Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Public or Business Administration or related field and a minimum of 10 years professional and administrative experience in affordable housing and public administration at the municipal, State and/or federal level.

Please forward resumes to Kathy Taylor, Chief of Economic Development, City of Tulsa with salary requirements.


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