New Green Infrastructure Guidebook for Planners, Engineers and Community Leaders

A new online, interactive tool showcases how communities across the country have mitigated climate threats by relying on green infrastructure. According to an article in City Lab, 96 percent of the country’s population lives in counties where federally declared weather-related disasters have occurred since 2010, but President Trump’s budget plan would eliminate funding for the critical Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) programs that provide communities with assistance to mitigate these climate-driven disasters. The Naturally Resilient Communities tool features 30 case studies of communities that rely on nature-based solutions, meaning they use natural systems, mimic natural processes, or work in tandem with traditional approaches, in order to mitigate climate threats, such as flooding and coastal erosion, and provide an effective green infrastructure guidebook for city planners, engineers and community leaders.

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