The final version of the 2017 National Housing Trust Fund (HTF) Application is now available on OHFA’s website,

The 2017 Application is substantially the same as the 2016 Application, with only a few very minor changes. Applications for 2017 funding that were prepared using the 2016 HTF Application will be accepted for 2017 only. In the future there will likely be more substantial changes to the Application. Applicants for 2018 funding and beyond will be required to use the current year’s Application.

While OHFA’s 2017 Allocation Plan is unchanged from 2016, and was prepared months ago, it is a part of the State’s 2017 Consolidated Plan update which has not yet been submitted to HUD for review and approval. The State cannot submit the Con Plan annual update until HUD provides the exact amount of funding for each program. This process has been delayed due to issues with the 2017 federal Budget process.

Therefore, potential Applicants should be aware that regardless of the following timeline, the execution of a Written Agreement for an award of 2017 HTF funds may be delayed for some time beyond the date of the award. OHFA cannot enter into a Written Agreement with an Awardee prior to approval of the Con Plan update and receipt of the funds.

The following is OHFA’s current timeline for the 2017 HTF. We will notify the public of any changes that may be necessary:

May 15 Begin accepting 2017 HTF applications

June 29 Deadline to be considered at the September meeting of OHFA’s Board of Trustees

September 13 Funding awards made

OHFA anticipates receiving the same $3 million state minimum allocation for 2017 as was received for 2016. OHFA will notify the public if the funding amount changes.

Questions should be directed to Darcy Green, Housing Development Program Supervisor, at (405) 419-8145 or

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