HB1694: Personal Financial Education

Governor Mary Fallin signed legislation to update our personal finance education mandate. We are thrilled and so thankful for how this will help our teachers and students

Here are a few highlights of HB1694 on personal financial education:

  • Adds an area of instruction regarding understanding the FAFSA and student loans to address the student loan crisis
  • $0.22 of every deferred deposit loan will go into a fund to support professional development for teachers in financial education. Another $.08 will support consumer credit counseling services. Lenders are prohibited from including payments in the fees and charges of customers.
  • Teachers who are assigned to teach personal finance shall complete professional development.
  • In order to deliver high-quality consistent personal financial literacy instruction, school districts shall to the extent possible assign the responsibility for teaching personal financial literacy to the same teacher or teachers on a continuing basis.

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