Final State Legislative Update

By a miracle, the Legislature ended Friday without going into special session.

Both bills the Coalition was tracking that would limit and sunset the Historic Tax Credit and the Oklahoma Affordable Housing Act (state LIHTC) were not passed.

If you’ve heard all the rumblings about lawsuit threats because revenue raising measures can’t be passed the last 5 days of session, here is more information on that:

The Oklahoma Constitution (Article V, Section 33) sets certain conditions on revenue bills – they must begin in the House of Representatives,

they cannot be passed during the last five days of session, and they require the approval of 3/4 of the House of Representatives and 3/4 of

the Senate to pass. Read all the condition here.

Thanks to everyone that attended our Annual Meeting on May 18th and completed our postcard advocacy effort “Affordable Housing Matters to Me Because…” If you would like postcards for your staff or residents to complete, please let us know and we will get those to you.

As always, stay tuned to our blog or social media to stay up to date on legislative issues that affect affordable housing at the state and federal level.

We value your membership and your participation in the industry!

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