New Research on Publicly Owned Parcels

On June 6, Enterprise released a new report titled: Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels: Effective Practices in Affordable Housing Development. This research is intended to support public agencies, developers and community groups by identifying leading practices and recommendations for overcoming challenges associated with the publicly owned parcel development process. It provides a series of recommendations for increasing the efficiency of that process and maximizing the potential for socially equitable outcomes, with a focus on affordable housing.

We have also launched a new website: This site will be the home of Enterprise’s work on this subject. We will be posting updates on our research and technical assistance activities as they become available. We will also include updates on research and events related to our work on publicly owned parcels in the Seattle region, culminating in a detailed case study and series of events later this summer. The website also includes a Discussion Forum, where anyone can post questions, requests for more information, and examples of challenging and/or innovative developments.

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