NHC submits comments on HUD’s request for input on regulatory reform

On June 14, NHC submitted comments to HUD in response to its request for input on identifying existing HUD regulations that may be outdated, ineffective or excessively burdensome. In accordance with Executive Orders 13771 and 13777, HUD is reviewing its existing regulations to assess their compliance costs and reduce regulatory burden. In its comments, NHC encourages HUD to find the right mix of changes to existing policy, elimination of requirements and new implementation of statutorily guided regulations to create clear and stable rules of the road for housing. If there are policies that are blocking needed private action, certainly HUD should examine them closely. There are many areas, however, where simple timely clarification by HUD could enable private development and property operations to move forward. NHC also urges HUD to evaluate both the cost to stakeholders and the mission impact of its policies in determining which regulations to address.

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