Utilizing Publicly Owned Parcels to Create Affordability: 7/26 Event Recap & Next Steps

On July 26, Enterprise held a regional forum in Seattle on Utilizing Publicly Owned Parcels to Create Affordability. The event was generously hosted by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC) and sponsored by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

The forum featured a presentation of Enterprise’s recently released Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels report, as well as a panel discussion that explored this issue in the Puget Sound regional context, which featured several local experts:

  • Brooke Belman, Sound Transit
  • James Madden, Enterprise
  • Uche Okezie, HomeSight
  • Miriam Roskin, City of Seattle Office of Housing
  • Bill Rumpf, Mercy Housing
  • Lisa Vatske, WSHFC

PowerPoint presentations and other event resources can be found on the Public Parcels for Homes website, including information on successful publicly owned parcel development efforts in Austin, Boston, Portland, OR, and San Francisco.

Enterprise will be working with experts from Seattle and across the country to conduct additional research and publish a Puget Sound regional case study. Issues it will discuss include:

  • Mixed-income development on publicly-owned parcels
  • Addressing large sites
  • Efficient site control and valuation practices
  • Improving the efficiency of solicitation requirements and processes
  • Interim uses of sites

For more information on this research, to share insights or get involved, and/or to learn more about this overall initiative, please contact Ahmad Abu-Khalaf (aabu) or Michael A. Spotts (mspotts).

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