Paycheck to Paycheck 2017: Healthcare workers and housing affordability

The National Housing Conference has released “Paycheck to Paycheck 2017,” a database allowing you to discover the rental and homeownership affordability challenges of workers in 83 occupations in 203 metro areas nationwide.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that from 2014-2024, employment in healthcare occupations is projected to grow by 19 percent and add about 2.3 million jobs. Yet, these workers often do not earn enough to live in communities they serve.

The accompanying report highlights five fast growing healthcare occupations: dental assistant, emergency medical technician, home health aide, licensed practical nurse and physical therapy aide.

Key findings:

  • For workers in the five selected occupations, not a single one is guaranteed to be able to afford to rent or purchase a home in every metro area.
  • Home health aides are able to rent a modest two-bedroom home in just one of the metro areas.

The highest paid among the five occupations profiled in the report, licensed practical nurses, can only afford to own a home in 70 metro areas and to rent a two-bedroom home in 163 areas.


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