After the National Housing Trust Fund (HTF) awards made at the September 13, 2017 meeting of OHFA’s Board of Trustees, there are 2017 HTF funds remaining in the amount of $789,143 that are available for potential Applicants. All of the 2016 Program Year funds have been awarded.

The next deadline to apply for these funds is November 20, 2017. Applications received by that date will be considered at the January 2018 meeting of OHFA’s Board of Trustees. The date for the January Board meeting has not yet been established.

Applicants must use the 2017 HTF Application that is available on OHFA’s website, Potential Applicants should note the following:

· The 2017 HTF Program is restricted to Rental Projects only

· HTF Projects must serve tenant households at thirty percent (30%) of Area Median Income (AMI) or less, or the Poverty Level, whichever is greater

· HTF monies may be combined with other sources of funding, as long as the HTF Program receives its share of rent and income restricted units as set forth in the 2017 HTF Application

· Applicants must demonstrate that they have the capacity to undertake the Project

· Projects serving special populations and providing services to those populations will receive priority

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Darcy R. Green, Housing Development Program Supervisor, at (405) 419-8145 or

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