Enterprise Urges Focus on Renter Households During Recovery Efforts in Houston, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

A new analysis by Enterprise’s Andrew Jakabovics estimates that up to 105,000 units on almost 500 medium and large multifamily properties just in Harris County (location of Houston) could have been affected by last month’s historic flood waters. If a substantial share of the rental housing stock proves uninhabitable, low- and moderate-income renters may face extensive affordability problems, both from other renters – who make up 56 percent of Houston households – and temporarily displaced homeowners. Enterprise urges Congress and state and local officials to consider the needs of renter households, as well as homeowners, as recovery efforts continue in Houston. Learn more about this analysis in Enterprise’s blog post.

Jakabovics also released an initial assessment of the profound damage to housing that Hurricane Maria caused in Puerto Rico and the USVI. The full destruction is not yet known, but estimates indicate that the two territories may have to replace roughly 860,000 homes. Almost half of Puerto Rico’s residents lack potable water, many remote parts remain cut off from food and medical supplies and the island’s power grid was decimated. Without significant additional disaster recovery funding, repairs and rebuilding in Puerto Rico and the USVI will likely proceed intermittently if at all. Learn more about this analysis in Enterprise’s blog post.

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