After the HOME Program (HOME) awards made at the November 15, 2017 meeting of OHFA’s Board of Trustees, there are 2017 HOME funds remaining in the amount of $1,461,470.00 that are available for potential Applicants. (Due to funds that may be de-obligated or returned from prior awards, this amount could be higher by the time the Applications are considered for funding.)

The next deadline to apply for these funds is January 22, 2018. Applications received by that date will be considered at the March 21, 2018 meeting of OHFA’s Board of Trustees.

Applicants must use the 2017 HOME Application that is available on OHFA’s website,

Pursuant to OHFA’s published guidance, these funds cannot be used in conjunction with Affordable Housing Tax Credit Applications.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Darcy R. Green, Housing Development Program Supervisor, at (405) 419-8145 or,

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