Project Based Contract Administration Program… An Housing Option

Additional Apartments Available Through PBCA Program

OHFA’s Project Based Contract Ad­ministration (PBCA) Program has been moved under the rental programs unit, joining the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

OHFA has administered the PBCA Program since 2000 and it provides another opportunity for individuals to access housing assistance through the U. S. Department of Housing and Ur­ban Development.

It also provides another housing as­sistance option during times when the Housing Choice Voucher Program wait­ing list is closed.

To inquire about living in a PBCA property, visit­tion8. Enter search criteria to see a list of properties and contact information.

With PBCA, individuals apply and qualify for assistance at the partici­pating property rather than through OHFA.

The OHFA PBCA staff includes:

David Clymer, IT Administrator

Chevelle Galbreath, Finance Supervisor

Jeana Jones-Ward, PBCA Specialist

Lyawanna King-Dawan, Quality Control

Renee Price, Finance Accountant

Jabari Touré, PBCA Specialist

Becky Tribby, PBCA Specialist

Rhonda Watson, PBCA Supervisor

Contact: (800) 436-1347 or (405) 419-8181

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