New Analysis Recommends Regional Approach to Expanding the MTW Program

An analysis by the Brookings Metropolitan Program, Paving the Way for More Affordable Housing: Expanding the Moving to Work Program, suggests that adopting a regional approach in expanding the Moving to Work (MTW) demonstration can strengthen the program by allowing smaller PHAs to receive the benefits of the MTW program at both local and regional levels. The MTW demonstration allows PHAs to pilot new approaches to providing rental assistance and improve housing voucher holders’ access to low-poverty, high-opportunity areas. According to the analysis, a regional MTW approach would allow PHAs to improve their wait-list processes, align rental assistance portability rules and requirements, provide more funds for housing counseling and program administration, and introduce new mechanisms for experimenting with different forms of rent subsidies. The analysis notes that a regional MTW approach holds particular promise in Baltimore, Chicago and the Twin Cities, where MTW-designated PHAs are located in the higher-poverty areas, while many smaller surrounding PHAs with less development experience cover lower-poverty, high-opportunity areas.

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