Atlanta City Council Approves Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance to Preserve Affordability Near Beltline Development

The 22-mile long Atlanta BeltLine, a $4.8 billion-dollar effort to reduce congestion in the city through the development of a mixed-use transit and pedestrian trail, has already resulted in the rapid rise of nearby home values. Responding to concerns of displacement from advocates and long-time residents, the Atlanta City Council took action last week to protect residents of affordable housing by unanimously approving an inclusionary zoning ordinance that would require developers to set aside 10 units at 60 percent AMI or 15 units at 80 percent AMI for new developments near the BeltLine or Westside District. Over the past several years, Enterprise has been active with the TransFormation Alliance and City for All groups to advocate for inclusionary zoning. Enterprise supported councilmember Andre Dickens’ sponsorship of the ordinance and provided economic impact and incentive analysis, advocacy, education and best practices around the proposal. The requirements take effect in 60 days.

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