Second Special Session Starts Today

Great Information from our friends at the OK Policy Institute:

As you likely know, Oklahoma lawmakers spent eight long weeks this fall in a special session trying to produce a budget agreement that would fill an immediate funding hole for three state agencies and produce a longer-term solution to continuing budget shortfalls. That attempt ended with disappointment and angry recriminations after legislators failed to approve permanent new revenues and Governor Fallin mostly vetoed their "cash-and-cuts" budget.

Today, lawmakers will be returning to the Capitol for the start of a second special session. Last Friday evening, Governor Fallin issued an executive order limiting the session – for now at least – to one single issue: to provide funding to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA), the state’s Medicaid agency, for this year to avoid provider rate cuts that are set to take effect January 1st.

OK Policy’s "Frequently asked questions about special session" page on our website has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments – and will continue to be updated over the coming days. We explain OHCA’s funding situation and look at what other issues might get added to the special session agenda. The page also has comprehensive information about what took place during the initial special session earlier this fall. You might also be interested in our recent blog post that explored more fully the three most crucial issues that can’t wait for the regular session in February.

Now is also the right time to contact your legislators and again urge them to support a comprehensive budget plan that addresses our chronic budget shortfalls, makes critical investments in areas where we are falling short, and ensures that all contribute to fixing the problem. You can find your legislators here and check out our full advocacy toolkit here. OK Policy’s list of preferred revenue options is available here.

We also hope you will join us on January 25th for our 5th Annual State Budget Summit in Oklahoma City, a day-long event that will help you be better informed and more effectively engaged on the key policy issues facing Oklahoma. Click here for the full program and buy your tickets here. Our special early-bird registration price is $75, so get your tickets now!

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