HUD Accepting Public Comments on EnVision Centers

Earlier this month, HUD Secretary Ben Carson announced the launch of the first EnVision Center hub in Detroit, an initiative designed to provide those receiving housing assistance with long-term skills and training “to help people take the first few steps towards self-sufficiency.” HUD is now accepting public comments on the EnVision Center demonstration until February 12, 2018. The demonstration is intended to empower people living in HUD-assisted housing to become responsible homeowners and renters in the private market, and will offer communities with a centralized hub for resources and support based on what the program defines as four pillars of opportunity: economic empowerment, educational advancement, health and wellness, and character and leadership. The ten-community pilot, starting in Detroit, will leverage public and private funds to bring together services from government, community-based and non-profit organization to contribute to the economic mobility of public housing residents

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