HUD rules on waiting list management and avoiding discrimination

What You Should Know About Waiting List Management

Live On Wed, January 24, 2018 | 1:00 pm ET | 12:00 pm CT | Duration: 60 Minutes | Presented by: Debbie Hixon

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Even though HUD allows owners or agents to create and maintain a system for taking applications and putting applicants on a waiting list, this is still reviewed during a Management and Occupancy Review. Therefore, it is important to know the “musts” that are defined in the 4350.3 Rev 1 HUD Handbook. In order to be consistent with each applicant and thus avoid discrimination, you must have specific procedures in place for use every time. Since HUD does have “musts” in this area of applicant taking and wait list management, it’s important to know what they are to ensure you are in compliance.

Join this session with expert speaker Debbie Hixon to learn more about waiting list management. Debbie will discuss the different aspects of it, including matching applicants, the “musts” in an application, and how to close a waiting list. She will also discuss the portions of Chapter 4 of the handbook that pertain to waiting lists, and everything that you need to know about it.

Session Highlights:

This session will discuss answers to the following questions:

  • Are there any “musts” that need to appear on an application? If so, what are they?
  • How to match applicants on your waiting list to available units?
  • How to close a waiting list
  • What important step must be taken when re-opening a waiting list?
  • What is HUD’s current guidance for dealing with families experiencing homelessness?
  • What must be done when a disabled family member is at the top of the list but there are no units available for that disability?
  • How does the new understanding of arrest records factor into decisions to accept an applicant as a resident?
  • What is involved in the denial of noncitizens?

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