Coalition Welcomes 2018 President: Greg Shinn

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Gregory A. Shinn, MSW, as the 2018 President of the Board of the Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing. Mr. Shinn is the Associate Director and Chief Housing Officer of the Mental Health Association Oklahoma. He oversees planning and development of an affordable and supportive housing portfolio that encompasses 1,500 units in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Greg also provides technical assistance to communities and units of government through his firm Creative Housing Solutions. In addition to serving as President of the Oklahoma Coalition for Affordable Housing, Greg is the current Vice-Chair for the Oklahoma Governor’s Interagency Council on Homelessness. Read more.


For 2018, we are going to work on building our membership. As an industry, we are stronger together, and our combined voices are making an impact. The need for affordable housing in Oklahoma is growing. Despite many successful projects completed or planned by our members, we are not keeping pace. We are going to work to bring the most up to date information to our members on a range of issues related to all types of affordable housing. Our efforts will benefit working families trying to get by, our veterans and senior citizens and those who are challenged to get back into the housing market including the homeless and disabled. Our goal is to keep membership informed within the changing environment of tax reform and our state’s continuing budget challenges. Together we can make a difference!

Greg Shinn

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