Legislative Action Alert


Call your state legislators today and tell them to “Prioritize our Oklahoma Budget”

The Legislature is in full swing this week and one of the first things that could be on their plate is voting on bills that will increase revenue and stabilize our ailing budget. The STEP UP Oklahoma Plan has been introduced as a path forward on the budget.

If the budget is a concern to your organization and you believe that this is the time for the Legislature to respond to the calls for a better solution for our budget, contact your state representative and senator today to talk with them about prioritizing revenue and reforms to our state budget.

Also, HB3055 by Representative Hilbert is expected to be heard in the A&B Finance Subcommittee this afternoon at 4:30pm.

Find Your Legislator
Tell them you’re a constituent and tell them why a budget that funds core services is crucial to the future of Oklahoma. Today, we have a chance to all Step Up for Oklahoma.

Click here to find your legislator!

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