Survey Shows Mayors are Concerned about Affordable Housing

The 2017 Menino Survey of Mayors, conducted by the Boston University Initiative on Cities, revealed that more than half of mayors who responded to the survey were concerned about high housing costs and residents’ inability to afford living in their cities. Only 13 percent of mayors overall reported that their housing stock meets their residents’ needs, and fewer than one in five mayors of the least-expensive housing markets reported that the housing stock was well-suited to residents, indicating that the affordable housing crisis is present across the country. The concerns ranged from lack of affordable housing to opposition to new units being built. However, the mayors’ perception of how to address the housing concerns varied. For example, mayors in the Northeast and Midwest reported that their housing stock needs to be modernized, while mayors in the South and West did not share the same concern. The survey, based on interviews with 115 mayors from across the country, also showed that mayors were concerned about climate change and weak federal financial support for meeting infrastructure needs.

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