Numbers of the Day

From our friends at OK Policy Institute

· $ 1,528,582,111 – Total budget requested by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for fiscal year 2019, more than three times their FY 2018 funding

· 24.1% – Percentage of Oklahoma household who live in “asset poverty,” meaning they do not have enough savings or property to cover three months of living expenses at the poverty level

· 37% – The percentage of OK Dept. of Corrections employees who qualify for SNAP benefits, according to Director Joe Allbaugh

· 1.1% – Job growth in Oklahoma City in 2017, ranking 41st out of the 53 largest metro areas in the U.S.

· 28.7% – Percentage of Oklahoma jobs that are in low-wage occupations, with median pay below the poverty line for a family of four ($24,250)

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