HOME Program Update from OHFA

Due to the very limited changes we have made for HOME Program Year 2018, OHFA is cancelling the March 14, 2018 workshop on the 2018 HOME Program Application. The changes are limited to the following:

· For 2017, HOME awards in conjunction with Affordable Housing Tax Credits were limited only to the Second AHTC Funding Period of 2017. If the development did not receive an award of AHTCs in the Second Funding Period, the HOME funds were returned. For 2018, HOME awards in conjunction with AHTCs will be available for the Second AHTC Funding Period of 2018 and the First Funding Period of 2019. If the development does not receive an award of AHTCs in the Second Funding Period 0f 2018, it can carry over the HOME award to the First Funding Period of 2019.

· The HOME Application states that “Applicants with unresolved monitoring findings are ineligible to apply for funding.” For 2018, language was added to clarify that “unresolved monitoring findings” means monitoring findings that were not corrected within the correction period established by OHFA Staff. Monitoring findings that are still within the correction period will not be counted against the Applicant. This helps prevents Applicants from being disqualified simply because a monitoring finding was from a monitoring visit shortly before the Application deadline.

· For HOME Program Training points, OHFA is still seeking suggestions regarding training classes to qualify for points. Language has been added to allow OHFA to supplement the exclusive list in the Application by sending out a formal notice. We continue to take suggestions from the public.

· For the Tenant Special Needs Populations, OHFA has added specific definitions for the four categories of Special Needs Populations, Homeless, Persons with mental of physical disabilities, Military Veterans, and Youth aging out of foster care.

A few other minor wording, punctuation and spelling changes have been made which do not constitute substantive changes to the 2018 Application.

Of course, OHFA is happy to provide technical assistance by phone or email, and answer any questions potential Applicants may have. In addition it may be possible to schedule a technical assistance session at OHFA, Staff time permitting.

Thank you,

Darcy R. Green

Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

Housing Development Program Supervisor

(405) 419-8145 Fax: (405) 419-9145

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