HUD Promotes Strong Families Initiative

HUD is encouraging public housing authorities (PHA), HUD-assisted property owners, and others to participate in its Strong Families Initiative.

The HUD Strong Families Initiative (HSF), formerly known as HUD’s Father’s Day Initiative, helps PHAs and HUD-assisted properties host community Father’s Day events from May 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018, to celebrate and promote the benefits of paternal involvement in children’s lives.

This year, HSF’s message emphasizes the importance of mothers and fathers to child development. HUD intends to highlight this message in HSF event programming, while continuing to expand upon HUD’s Father’s Day efforts. Community events will also serve to provide education and resources that promote positive family structures for HUD-assisted mothers and fathers.

The HSF website offers tips for hosting HSF/Father’s Day events, marketing materials, and event ideas. Currently, HUD does not plan to financially support related events. HUD expects financial support to come from housing agencies, non-government sponsors, and federal and local partners. HUD-assisted properties are encouraged to reach out to community partners for sponsorship opportunities in hosting their events.

This is HUD’s fifth year hosting celebratory National Father’s Day events in HUD-assisted properties. According to the HSF website, there have been more than 1,200 events held at more than 400 HUD-assisted housing communities since 2011, with more than 22,000 mothers, fathers, children, and organizations participating and providing services and resources.

More information about the initiative and related events is available in HUD’s HSF overview, and community partners can register for events here.

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