Washington State Ends 2018 Legislative Session with Big Wins for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing advocates in the state of Washington have achieved significant policy wins that will spur the production of new units, provide more tenant protections and improve services for the homeless, according to Flora Arabo, national state and local policy director at Enterprise, and M.A. Leonard, vice president and Pacific Northwest market leader at Enterprise. In the 60-day session that recently concluded, the Washington legislature sent a package of housing bills to Governor Inslee’s desk. Included in that package are bills to provide $106.8 million for the Housing Trust, ban source of income discrimination, increase the real estate document recording fee that funds homeless services and is expected to generate $26 million in new funds, require the state to inventory underutilized and surplus publicly owned property, and authorize state and local entities to discount the price of land if it will be developed for a public benefit. Learn more about these policy wins in an Enterprise blog post.

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