Trump Administration Proposes Rent Increases, Work Requirements for HUD-Assisted Households

Last week the Trump Administration released a draft bill that would change the way rents for HUD-assisted households are calculated. These changes would increase rents, eliminate income deductions for health and child care expenses, and permit Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) and housing providers to implement work requirements and alternative rent structures for tenants. The bill would increase the rental contributions from residents served by public housing, Housing Choice Vouchers and Section 8 Project-Based Rental Assistance from either 30 to 35 percent of gross monthly income, or to 35 percent of the amount earned by an individual working 15 hours a week for four weeks at the federal minimum wage (approximately $150 per month), whichever is higher. Enterprise is dedicated to expanding access to affordable, well-designed homes in communities connected to opportunity. We are concerned that rent increases without access to meaningful job opportunities will burden the lowest-income households and so we will work with the Administration and Congress to ensure implemented policies serve the most vulnerable Americans, support housing stability and expand access to education, jobs, and health care opportunities. Learn more about the proposed changes in Enterprise’s blog post.

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