OCAH To Host 2019 QAP Discussion

Immediately following the Coalition Annual Meeting on Wednesday, May 16th, the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency staff will provide an update on the Tiebreaker options, Workforce Pilot Program, Income Averaging, and discussion topics for the 2019 application.

Here’s a peek at potential 2019 changes to the QAP/Application.

· Adding a provision for income averaging

· Either dropping the “5 open developments rule” or tightening the language

· Changing the tiebreaker, leaving it as it is, or tweaking the Evaluation Criteria to prevent having so many ties

· Addressing location points, family vs. seniors within the radius

· Preference for AHTC applications that are part of a holistic revitalization plan in disadvantaged neighborhoods

· Fair Housing training requirement

We anticipate the session will last an hour and a half.


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