New Analysis Predicts Estimated Cost of Future Hurricane Damage

A report by CoreLogic shows that more than 6.9 million homes along the Atlantic and Gulf Coast are at risk of damage from hurricane storm surge in 2018. The report, which examines risk from hurricane-driven storm surges for homes along the coastlines of 19 states, points out that reconstruction of all these homes would cost more than $1.6 trillion, up 6.6 percent from 2017 due to higher construction, equipment and labor costs. Earlier this year 100 Resilient Cities, an initiative pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, released a report, Safer and Stronger Cities: Strategies for Advocating for Federal Resiliency Policy. This report, which was prepared by Enterprise Community Partners in collaboration with Climate Resilience Consulting, Georgetown Climate Center and HR&A Advisors, offers a menu of federal policy recommendations that can help cities become more resilient in the face of changing conditions, focusing on infrastructure, housing, flood insurance, economic development, and public safety. These policy recommendations have been endorsed by 22 mayors from across the country.

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