Enterprise Releases New Interactive Report on Housing Trends

Enterprise’s Policy Development & Research team recently released a new interactive report that examines trends in housing tenure — homeownership and rentership — across subsets of the population over time. The report uses data from the Census Bureau’s Housing VacancySurvey to compare trends in tenure rates, noting how different groups fared through the housing boom, market downturn and recent recovery. A blog post accompanying the release notes that not all households experience changes in tenure rates equally, leading to inequitable distributions of housing outcomes across the population. Groups with high rentership rates, including Black, Hispanic, under 35-year-old and low-income households, have less access to the economic benefits of homeownership, which federal housing policies also favor through tax deductions and support of the residential mortgage market. The report demonstrates that there is more policymakers can do to ensure affordable and suitable housing is available to all Americans, regardless of their housing tenure status.

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