Information on the Medicaid proposal

From our friends at the OK Policy Institute:

Time is running out to make your voice heard. The state Medicaid agency has put together a plan to cut health coverage for low-income parents who don’t report working or volunteering enough, at the direction of Governor Fallin and the state legislature. There are just a few days left to provide public comments.

The proposal is a radical new path for our most basic health care program for low-income Oklahomans. The consequences could be devastating. Families in rural areas, individuals with chronic illness or disabilities, and individuals struggling with substance use disorders or mental illness could lose the ability to see a doctor or fill a prescription as a result. This means more Oklahoma families dealing with staggering medical bills or untreated illness – two issues that already keep too many of our families from getting ahead.

You can learn more about the proposal here, and use this form to leave a comment. Comments from people like you are powerful because they give state and federal lawmakers important feedback about how this proposal would affect Oklahoma families. The deadline to speak up is September 3.

Thank you,

David Blatt and the OK Policy team

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