Complimentary Webinar Invite: Navigating Assistance Animals in Multifamily Housing

Issues surrounding assistance animals are some of the more complicated ones to navigate in the property management industry. You must provide reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities. In today’s world, you must also know when and how to raise appropriate questions about documentation that seems suspicious.

Grace Hill would like to invite you to join us as we examine this topic in an in-depth webinar on September 20th at 3PM EST. One of Grace Hill’s attorneys will explain the current legal requirements regarding accommodating assistance animals and take Q&A.

Join Grace Hill for Navigating Assistance Animals in Multifamily Housing to gain a better understanding of how federal laws regarding service and assistance animals apply to multifamily properties. You’ll also get answers to frequently asked questions such as:
• Can a resident have more than one assistance animal?
• What if someone is allergic to a resident’s assistance animal?
• What can a property manager do if owners of assistance animals break the rules?
• Can a property manager charge fees or deposits for assistance animals?

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