Housing ballot initiatives in November

Our friends at NLIHC have provided the following list of potential state and local ballot initiatives across the US. Many of our members work across a broad region, so we thought we would share!

Statewide initiatives

  1. California, Proposition 1 – $4 billion in bonds for affordable housing and veteran home loans
  2. California, Proposition 2 – Allows the state to use $2 billion in revenue from the billionaire’s tax for homeless prevention housing
  3. California, Proposition 10 – Repeals state law that severely limits the ability of cities to impose rent control regulations
  4. Oregon, Measure 102 – allows municipalities to use bond funds to finance affordable housing

Local initiatives

  1. Flagstaff, Arizona – Housing Bond for $25 million
  2. Berkeley, California – Housing Bond for $135 million
  3. San Diego, California – Housing Bond for $900 million
  4. Santa Rosa, California – Housing Bond for $180 million
  5. Santa Cruz, California – Housing Bond for $140 million
  6. Telluride, Colorado – New taxes on property owners and short-term rentals to pay for affordable housing
  7. Kauai County, Hawai’i – Property tax earmark for housing in the amount of approximately $80 million
  8. Charlotte, North Carolina – Increase the city’s affordable housing trust fund from $15 million to $50 million
  9. Portland, Oregon – Regional proposal for housing production funding at $652 million
  10. Austin, Texas – “Keep Austin Affordable” effort to secure more than $200 million for affordable housing
  11. Bellingham, Washington – Extension of previously-approved property tax levy for housing that is set to expire in 2019
  12. San Juan County, Washington – Establishes real estate excise tax to fund affordable housing

If you have any state or local initiatives you’d like added to the list, please let us know!

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