HUD Undertakes Efforts to Boost Landlord Acceptance of Housing Vouchers

Earlier this month Secretary Carson announced the establishment of an agency-wide task force as part of a larger campaign to encourage more landlords to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program – the nation’s largest rental subsidy program. A new Urban Institute report, funded by HUD which examines landlord voucher acceptance in Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Newark, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., finds that many landlords routinely reject rental applications from voucher holders even before meeting them, highlighting the powerful role landlords play in the success of the HCV program. Voucher holders often face more rejection in areas with higher opportunity, even though landlords who accept voucher holders as tenants receive a guarantee that a share of the rent will be paid. HUD will hold a number of regional listening sessions across the country to hear directly from landlords on ways to increase their participation in the HCV program. Hearing sessions are planned in Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C. Enterprise applauds HUD’s commitment to improving the HCV program. Read Enterprise’s blog post for more information about strategies to improve HCV utilization.

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