HUD Signs CDBG-DR Grant Agreement with Puerto Rico

In September HUD formally announced a $1.5 billion grant agreement with Puerto Rico to help the island and its residents recover from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The agreement means that allocated CDBG-DR Program funds can now begin flowing into communities to address unmet recovery needs. In its Action Plan, Puerto Rico indicated that it will invest $1 billion for housing, including up to $120,000 per household to rebuild destroyed homes, and up to $48,000 per household for repairs to damaged homes. An additional $10 million will be spent on rental assistance for elderly and other vulnerable households. The Action Plan also details how Puerto Rico will use $145 million of CBDG-DR funds for economic revitalization and business development, and another $100 million for infrastructure. These funds only include HUD’s first CDBG-DR allocation to Puerto Rico for 2017 disasters, and Puerto Rico has posted a ‘Substantial Amendment’ for comment to its Action Plan for the remaining $8.2 billion of CDBG-DR it was awarded to address unmet need. HUD also awarded Puerto Rico $8.28 billion for mitigation activities and is expected to publish a Federal Register notice guiding those funds soon.

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