Steering Committee Urges Congress to Support Voucher Mobility Demonstration

On September 20, the Opportunity Starts At Home campaign’s national Steering Committee urged Congress to include in its final Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (THUD) FY 2019 appropriations bill the House provision that invests $50 million for the Housing Choice Voucher Mobility Demonstration. This letter represents the Steering Committee’s first formal endorsement of a specific piece of legislation.
The demonstration would provide low-income households with expanded access to affordable homes located in high-opportunity neighborhoods with strong schools, better job prospects, and other resources.
"It’s powerful to see the Opportunity Starts at Home Steering Committee, which consists of mostly non-housing organizations, jointly urge Congress to support the mobility demonstration," said Mike Koprowski, National Campaign Director. "They each come with their own perspectives and concerns, yet all understand the importance of more robust and equitable federal housing policies."
Read the Steering Committee’s letter here.
Additionally, the campaign’s state grantee in Idaho, the Idaho Asset Building Network (IABN), along with four of its multi-sector partners, submitted a similar letter, which you can read here.

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