The National League of Cities Joins the Opportunity Starts at Home Steering Committee

On August 16, the National League of Cities (NLC) announced that it will be joining the Opportunity Starts at Home Steering Committee. Through the campaign’s Steering Committee, NLC will work to get its member cities more directly engaged on federal housing policy.
"City leaders cannot close the housing affordability gap on our own," said Councilmember Gyna Bivens of Ft. Worth, Texas, and chair of NLC’s Community and Economic Development federal advocacy committee. "We need Congress to prioritize affordable housing and work with local partners to coordinate federal housing resources."
NLC was founded in 1924 by a small number of state municipal leagues that recognized the need for a national organization to strengthen local government. Now more than 1,600 cities, towns, and villages of all sizes are NLC members and another 18,000 communities participate through their state municipal leagues.
Read the NLC Announcement

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