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Episode 7 features Andrew Sperling, Director of Legislative and Policy Advocacy at the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). NAMI is the nation’s leading voice on mental health. Mr. Sperling discusses NAMI’s commitment to housing affordability issues, why NAMI joined the campaign’s Steering Committee, the history of housing and mental illness, the current housing barriers facing those with a mental health condition, and the necessity of stable housing for recovery.
"Without access to decent, safe, affordable housing, all the aspirations we have for recovery and integration in the community just collapse," explains Mr. Sperling. "For the population I represent, no social determinant of health drives more bad health outcomes than unstable housing."
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Episode 8 explores the intersections between food security and affordable housing with Alison McIntosh of the Oregon Housing Alliance and Jeff Kleen and Anneliese Koehler with Oregon Food Bank. The Oregon Housing Alliance is one of seven state partners receiving financial support from the national campaign. Oregon Food Bank is a key partner of the Alliance. Alison, Jeff, and Anneliese discuss their multi-sector collaboration to influence better housing policies, including best practices, recent successes, and challenges.
"Very nearly we talk about housing just as much as we talk about hunger," said Jeff Kleen, public policy associate with Oregon Food Bank. "The people we serve keep telling us it’s housing; it’s rent; it’s having a safe place to call home."
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