Another Partial Government Shutdown Looms, FY 2020 Appropriations Fall Behind Schedule

The President signed a Continuing Resolution (CR) on January 25 that ended the 35-day partial government shutdown, funding all federal agencies through February 15. This temporary agreement threatens another potential shutdown in less than two weeks if negotiations on border security and immigration are not resolved. Congress and the Administration will need to pass either full-year appropriations bills for the agencies without fiscal year (FY) 2019 funding – including the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture and Treasury – or reach an agreement on another CR to avoid further disruptions to important federal programs. Enterprise calls on the White House and Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle to find a compromise that provides full FY 2019 funding as soon as possible for all agencies currently operating under the CR.

The ongoing debate over finalizing the FY 2019 budget is also likely to delay the beginning of the FY 2020 appropriations process. Traditionally, the President releases his Budget Request the first Monday in February, but the release has been postponed two to three weeks as the administration and lawmakers continue to focus on finishing the FY 2019 appropriations cycle. Further complicating FY 2020 spending negotiations is the fact that Congress will need to reach an agreement to raise the budget caps, implemented in the Budget Control Act of 2011, or face deep across-the-board cuts to discretionary spending on both military and domestic programs. Enterprise joins with partners to urge Congress to reach a budget cap deal that avoids cuts and fully funds affordable housing, community development, and other vital government programs.

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